Keyword research for SEO in Nepal: An executive guide (2020)

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Inside this guide

Finding right keywords is very first step of SEO. In this guide, I will break the rock of keyword research in the context of Nepal.

I bet, you will choose winning keyword for your business after this guide.

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By SEO expert at phtech

Inside this step-by-step guide I will cover.

Chapter 1: Keyword research fundamental

Chapter 2: Types of keyword

Chapter 3: How to get keyword idea for your business

Chapter 4: Keyword research tools for Nepal

Chapter 5: Identify keyword difficulties

Chapter 6: Deciding your right keyword

Chapter 7: Finally my bonus tips for keyword research

Let’s start.

“If you are able to choose right keywords than consider you are the winner of SEO”

Before jumping in to the actual techniques. Consider yourself as searcher who is searching for answer in search engines for now you choose google.

Let’s clear it with example. You are in Kathmandu; you want to learn digital marketing.


what do you type in google?

What do you expect to see in search result?

Which search result do you open?

The answer might be.

You will type in google like this: ‘digital marketing training in Kathmandu’

You will expect to see the result that gives complete information of your search.

You will open the search result that exactly matches your search.

This is exactly what you need to consider while beginning to keyword research.

And everyone does the same.

Chapter 1-Keyword research fundamental

In this chapter we will discuss about basic of keyword research in Nepal. Once you are able to understand difference of keyword analysis in the context of Nepal, you will be able to choose great keywords.

Keyword research basic in Nepal-phtech

Keywords are the powerful element to present your content or product to the customer. Choosing right keyword is crucial. Keyword research gives you specific search data that can help to find required result.

Once you properly perform the keyword research, you will be able to answer following question of your business.

What are people searching for in the market?

How many people are searching for your product?

In what format people want to see information?

What terms people use to search for your product?

And more…

Mapping great keyword based on user intent is the final goal of keyword research.

Keyword research in Nepal:

You might have a question, if the keyword analysis for SEO in Nepal is different?

I say, yes….

It’s different….

How it’s different?

Here is my answer.

“In general people use different tools to find right keyword for their business. SEO professional in Nepal also do the same. However, I recommend not to depend on some tools which are famous in the world. Because, those tools are made for targeting USA, Europe and other countries’ market.  And the database those tool use is of those country. You definitely get the result once you provide input to those tools, but how relevant data you get is important.”

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying those tools does not work. However, I suggest to use some natural process for keyword research in the context of Nepal.

Now, you must have clear idea about how keyword research works to get more traffic to your site and how it plays key role in displaying content in search result page.

So, in the very next step you will understand types of keyword.

Chapter 2: Types of keyword

In this chapter we will focus on understanding of keywords in depth. Keywords have different meaning in SEO and they are important. Different types of keyword act for different purpose.

Let’s get started.

explaining types of keyword

The keyword type depends on types of search the searcher performs. Generally, buyers have a general interest, so they perform an organic search or awareness. They then begin to evaluate their options and then narrow to a category or brand and eventually to a specific item, at which time they purchase.

Types of search query:

  1. Navigational search: search for website directly brand also called brand search. A navigational search is performed when a user already knows what they want to find, but they need the search engine’s help to find it. For example, they know they want the phtech website, but don’t know its URL, so they type phtech in the search engine. The searcher uses a keyword to find such a content is called navigational keyword.

For example: phtech (Here phtech is brand and this is keyword)

  1. Informational Search: If people is looking to get broad information about any topics, then they use the type of search called informational. Searcher compare different products to get appropriate one. So, an informational query is one where a user is looking for general content on a topic. So the people use to find the keyword to get information about any topics is called informational keyword.

For example: digital marketing (here people want to know information about digital marketing)

  1. Transitional Search: If searcher decide to buy product, then they search with the specific product name or service. A transaction query is done once the purchase item is selected and is geared toward finding the right site from which to purchase.

For example: digital marketing company in Kathmandu.

(here searcher is looking for digital marketing company in Kathmandu)

This keyword is called transitional keyword.

  1. Head term, midterm and long tail keywords

long tail keyword

Photo credit seopressor

Head terms (short tail): This is generally one word or two words. This keyword used for gathering information.

For example: ‘shoes’

Mid-terms (Middle tail): this is generally 3-4 words; this is little specific then head term.  This is also called short tail keyword.

For example: ‘buy shoes online’

Long tail keyword: this is more specific keyword. It is important, more traffic come from these type of keyword. They have higher probability of conversion; they are less competitive. Research says 70% query come from long tail

Example: ‘Buy Goldstar shoes online in Kathmandu’

Short tail vs. Long tail:

short tail and long tail keywords different

You should avoid head terms when selecting keywords because they are very competitive, have large search volume, and are broader. Long tail keywords are ideal because, unlike head terms, they are more acutely focused on the needs and interests of your ideal visitors.

5. LSI Keywords:

LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords are also called similar keyword that are related to a target keyword. Purpose of LSI keyword is to help search engines to understand the content in the page. There are plenty of ways to find LSI keywords, which we will discuss in further chapter.

Chapter 3: How to get keyword idea for business

Getting keyword idea is important in keyword research. In this chapter we will dive in to the various technique of keyword ideas.

getting keyword idea in seo

From the last chapter, you have now clear idea about what type of keyword is good to target for your business. Now we will discuss on the methods of getting keyword ideas. If you remember in chapter 1, I have explained you that, it’s great idea to get keywords through natural method. Now we learn, what are those tactics.

1.Google/YouTube/Bing suggested keyword

Did you ever observed? when you type something in google or YouTube or Bing, they recommend some more options in list down to the search box. Like this.

representing search related keyword

Image: google search 

Bing suggested keyword

Image Bing suggested keywords.

youtube suggested keyword

Image: YouTube suggested

Do you know what does it mean?

These list are the keywords or terms people use to search to fine the related content you are searching for. And they are short by higher search order.

In this example,

I search same term ‘shoes’ in google, Bing and YouTube.  And it is showing different result in each platform. From this you have to understand which keyword is good for which platform.

What do I mean is, if you are focusing on ranking content then it’s good to consider google or Bing. If you are focusing in video content, then it’s good to focus on YouTube recommendation.

These recommended keywords are great keyword to target if you are working in the shoes related site.

I recommend use long tail keyword to target.

2. Google search related keyword:

In the below image, I have typed digital marketing in Nepal and hit enter. I have scroll down to the last of search engine and saw this. Under the searches related to, I can see different keyword related to my search. And these keywords are most possible keyword to rank in google.

Digital marketing in Nepal pdf, challenges of digital marketing in Nepal, marketing strategy in Nepal, digital marketing company and so on… are the most related keywords and google loves to rank the content for those keyword.

related to keyword3. Wikipedia search:

Wikipedia is great platform to see the content.

Think of little border keyword and type it in to Wikipedia.

wikipedia search for keyword

Then explore the table of content page of Wikipedia. Where you can explore many ideas as in figure below.

wikipedia table of content for keyword research

In this example, I have search shoes and saw various idea like dress and casual, unisex, men’s, women’s and many more.  

Go on exploring them further. Then you can see many ideas.

4. Use quora

Quora is rapidly growing platform to see question trends. You can see what people are asking about specific topic through quora.

For example, I have search SEO in quora and saw many question, people are asking.

quora for keyword research

With this I have great idea, which topic to include in to my keyword research.

Highlight: Organic methods of getting keyword ideas are

-Google suggestion keyword

-Google related searches

-YouTube suggested keyword

-Bing suggestion


-Quora suggestion

Here you go in video to see doing this process.

Chapter 4: Keyword research tools for Nepal

In this chapter we will discuss on suitable tools for keyword research in the context of Nepal.

keyword research tool for Nepal-phtech

If you remember, I have explained that, many tools do not work for keyword research in the context of Nepal. However, there is some good news…

There are some great tools that are free to use and provides great keyword ideas.

And I should say, that works in Nepal as well….

  1. Google keyword planner: 

Do you trust google?

Of course, you trust right?

I do trust google….

And specially database of google….

Then you are on track…google keyword planner is free tool that gives you plenty of keyword ideas……and the you can also choose Nepal as a country. See below in image. 

google keyword planner for keyword idea-phtech

It does not only provide you keyword idea but some important matric as well like, average monthly search volume, competition, top of page bid high and low range. 

keyword idea by keyword planner-phtech

Once you have all parameter, you can easily choose right keyword for your business. Generally, we prefer, high search volume, low competition, high page bid value.

2. Soolve

This is great tool I have found. It gathers data from various site and shows result for you.

soolve keyword idea-phtech

You can see in this picture. I have search for the term shoes, it shows recommendation from Wikipedia, YouTube, answers, bing, yahoo, google, amazon.

3. Google trends

Google trends is great tool to see how the trends of specific topic in particular country is performing. This is very beginning step to see the specific topic. You can choose time period to see the trends in certain period.

google trends for keyword idea-phtech

In this example, I have looked trends of digital marketing in Nepal. The graph clearly shows the data about how digital marketing terms is working in Nepal. I recommend every business to see the trends of specific terms before starting the content preparation.

With that you must have keyword ideas. Next step is how to know; the keyword is easy to rank of it’s difficult.

4. Ubersuggest

This is great tool available also in Nepal. You can use this tool for keyword ideas and to get many matrices for keyword. 

Important Note: If you are using any tools for keyword research make sure, this tool have the options  available for your country. 

Chapter 5: Identify keyword difficulties

This chapter is about finding keyword difficulties. Once you have this idea, you  can easily win to your competitors.

I have already explained types of keyword where you can see, long tail keyword, short tail keyword, head term and many more.

Very genuine fact is ‘Long tail keywords” are easy to rank.

There are some organic techniques to see which keywords are difficult to rank.

Let me explain them first.

  1. SERP report of particular keyword

SERP report for keyword difficulties-phtech

Image: SERP of keyword bank in Nepal.

In the above example, you can see the search engine result page (SERP) of keyword Bank in Nepal. Where, first and second rank is of Wikipedia. Can you think of having great brand then Wikipedia?

I think I can’t….

Here is deal……

Let me clarify with another example.

Now, I will search another keyword, which is “loan provider bank in Nepal”.

Let’s see the search result.

serp for keyword difficulty-phtech

Photo SERP of the keyword ‘loan provider bank in Nepal’

In this example first, second and third ranking links are nibl, nicasiabank and Himalayan bank.  

They are bank of Nepal. That means you can win with that keyword. Because, they are not stronger like Wikipedia.

You must understand……

From this example, you learn two tactics.

1. Long tail keywords are easy to rank.

We had two keywords……

‘Bank in Nepal’ & ‘Loan provider bank in Nepal’.

First one is broad keyword which is difficult to rank, second is specific keyword which is easy to rank.

When SERP of keyword is ranked by high branded url (like Wikipedia, amazon etc.). it’s hard to rank.

You convinced right?

Let’s move on to next tactic……

2. Check keyword difficulties score in SEO quake

Have ever heard the tool SEOquake?

If not, it’s great free tool, which is available in google chrome extension. If you type any keyword in search box, you can see keyword difficulties just below of search box (see in image).

keyword difficulties by seoquake-phtech

Great thing is, Nepal’s database is available in this tool.

 If you want to learn further about its usage you can go to its official site at SEOQuake

3. See keyword competition level in google keyword planner

When you type any keyword in google keyword planner you can see, how the competitive the keyword is.

Note* Generally, google keyword planner shows result for search engine media marketing purpose (Paid). However, you can take this in to the account.

4. Use Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest recently updated and available for Nepal. You can use this  tool for keyword ideas and SEO difficulties. 

ubersuggest for keyword research

Chapter 6: deciding your right keyword

This chapter is about finding keyword difficulties. Once you have this idea, you  can easily win to your competitors.

choosing best keyword for SEO-phtech

You are almost done…

Now you are in the final stage of keyword research….

You must have trouble on which keyword to choose….

Don’t worry…we will do that very easily…

Let me list some important matrix, which helps you to decide which keyword to choose.

how to decide keyword for SEO-phtech

So, you have all matrices then you can choose.

Here is another example, how you can priorities your keyword.

calculating keyword matrices for SEO-phtech

If you want this format, I use for keyword analysis you can ask me …………feel free to sue the format.


You made it…

Try it….

It works…

Now time for my bonus tips.

Chapter 7: Bonus tips for keyword analysis

-It’s not necessary to stick in one keyword. You can go for 2-3 primary keywords

-Use other relevant keyword as secondary or tertiary keywords

-Be natural while deciding to keyword. Your keyword must be relevant to your business

-Analyze your competitors before deciding to your keyword

-Focus on long tail keywords

-If your keyword is much difficult, then go for different keyword


Keyword research is very important step of SEO. So, spend enough time for keyword analysis.  

Finally, I am sharing steps of keyword research:

Step1: list down possible keyword for your business. Use different techniques explained in above to get great keyword idea.

Step 2: collect all relevant matrices of each keyword you have collected (i.e. monthly search volume, CPC, Keyword difficulties, Competition)

Step 3:  Prioritize your keyword

Step 4: Analyze competitor for your keyword.

Step 5: Decide your keyword


Now, it’s your time.

How do you like this article…

If you like it drop comment…

If you don’t like it provide feedback……

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