What has Changed in SEO in 2021 : SEO Guide for Nepal

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  • Updated 2021-01-20
SEO in Nepal

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You must be wondering how the SEO is changing in 2021. You might worrying what new strategy we need to consider for SEO in this new year. Don’t worry you are in right place. Today I am going to break down SEO strategy for 2021 focusing for Nepal. You will learn what are important aspect you need to consider in your SEO work.

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By Satosh Bhandari

Google has 200+ ranking factors and it has developed more than 300 algorithms. Google changes SEO algorithm very frequently and that has happened in 2020 too. Very small changes also matter in SEO. In 2020 we see limited changes in SEO algorithm. However, they are important. Google is super smart to understand your content, it’s been developing AI in content strategy. Let’s look what has developed and how do you plan for new strategy for SEO in 2021.

“User experience is now SEO, you need to focus on users in order to achieve your business goal form SEO prospecive”

1. Core web vitals:

Google developed a smart matrices based on user experience and that major ranking factor. These three matrices are loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. Core web vitals are best way to check your web site performance. You will also get change to improve your site based on parameters of core web vital.

How to check Core web vital of website?

PageSpeedInsights is great tool to see the core web vital of any particular page in your website.  

Checking core web vital

You will see various data that you have to consider. Some important matrices you need to look work on are:

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): Try to keep this value under 2.5 second

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): Try to keep this value under 10%.

You will also see the opportunities to improve your website.

How t ocheck website performance

Google search console: is another great tool to see the core web vital of your overall website. Once you login to your google search console account, you can see tab on the left side of the your dashboard under Enhancements.

Checcking core web vital in google search console

2. User Experience

Users are your great assert. User experience now is SEO. Focus on user experience rather than other aspects in your site.

Mobile device: Think about how your page loads on mobile device since majority of users are using mobile. Is your content clearly visible on mobile device? Is your page scrolls smoothly on mobile? Is customer can easily order your product using mobile? And more.

Site architecture: Think about your site architecture. Is it easy in your site for users to find the product they are looking for? Try to make your every content is findable in maximum 3 level from home page.

3. Quality content

Content length does not matter, but it’s quality is important. People cannot read 5000 words long content. Let’s take example, you want to learn about Technical SEO. You have two options number one is 3000-word long article and another one is 10-minute video. Which one do you select. Of course 10-minute video right? So Try to make your content visual. Google update the algorithm based on user experience. So, it gives more important to the visual content rather than long text.

4. Technical SEO:

Technical SEO is always in first position in SEO. You have great content, you have great product and everything is fine. But your content is not findable by google, that does not work. So, Focus on technical issues of your site.

Important checklist for Technical SEO are:

-Maintain XML site MAP and valid robot.txt file to your site

-Remove duplicate page using 301 redirects

-Switch from HTTP to HTTPS

-Make your URL short and readable

-Make your website media responsive

-Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

-Check for broken links

5. Linking many backlinks is not necessary

Couple of years ago, I used to focus on backlinking because google used to ranked based on quantity of back links in your website. However, the time changes, google changes the algorithm. It is not necessary that you need to have more back links, rather focus on quality links.

My button line here is:

-Don’t buy link

-Don’t go through against Google’s rule

6. Focus on Global SEO:

Now the business is global. It’s great idea if you think your business in global market. Optimize your site for global market. You think about creating your website in multi-language.

7. Don’t forget Local SEO:

Local SEO is great way to localize your business. Focus on local SEO. You can go through video below to see how local SEO works.

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