Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is great way to reach with your customers. It’s great way to identify suitable social media according to your business. Our social media expert will recognize appropriate social media platform for your business. 

In the context of Nepal we recommend major five social media platforms to consider. 






However, there are some techniques to identify which platform to focus for your business.

What is our social media marketing process?

Step 1: We identify suitable social media platforms for your business.

Step 2: We optimize your social media accounts, pages, groups, channels.

Step 3: We develop posting strategy on social media. Also we prepare promotional content for social media.

Step 4: We start promoting the content in different social media platform.

Step 5:  We analyze performance.

What service includes in social media marketing (SMM)

Facebook marketing

We optimize your facebook page to make it better performer. We also boost your content through facebook.

Youtube Marketing

Optimizing youtube channel is great idea for video. We create and optimize youtube channel for your business.

social media marketing-instagram

Instagram marketing

Instagram is great platform for advertisement. We optimize your instagram business page.

social media marketing platform

Linkedin marketing

Linkedin is great way to reach with professional audience. We maintain your linkedin account.

Twiter Marketing

We maintain twiter account to promote your content effectively.

Pinterest marketing

Pinterest in the context of Nepal is new and growing platform. We maintain pinterest account as well.

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