Search engine optimization (SEO)

What is the goal of your business?

Well, of course it is increasing sale…. increasing conversion…. get more traffic…..rank higher in search ressult. Right?

But, how do you get them all?

There are 100 of methods and many of them needs money to do so…and they are temporary…

However, SEO is the process that gets them all naturally. and it does not need to pay for advertisement. that means you will get organic visitors in to your site.

How is that possible?

Our expert team at Ph-Tech makes it happen.

So, let’s get benefit from our expert and grow your business by SEO service in Nepal.

What is our SEO Process?

First, We understand your business. Our technical expert will find existing loop holes that protecting your site to perform well.

Second, after all finding your issues, we analyze your audience and make
specific plan to reach with them.

Third, we work with our content team to ensure your audience can easily
understand your content.

Fourth, we advertise your content so that you audience access them easily.

What Services includes in SEO

SEO service-Website audit

Website audit

We audit your website so that we can find the lacking part to improve it.

SEO service-keyword research

Keyword Research

Finding suitable keyword based on your business is crucial. We do keyword research for your business.

SEO service-competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis

It's important to counter your competitors. we plan to bring your business higher than your competitors.

On page SEO

Based on Keyword research, We optimize various aspects of on page SEO of your site.

Off-page SEO

Link building and social tactics are important aspects of SEO. we cover these within off-site SEO.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is major part in ranking #1 in google. We correct technical part of your website.

Local SEO

We promote your business locally. It helps you to rank better and be found faster for the people near your location.​

Global SEO

Taking your site globally is important in this open market. We apply global SEO strategy into your business to make it accessible globally.

Thinking to grow your business?

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