Are you passionate in IT field?

Do you want to develop your career in IT field?

Would you like to be a self employed?

Are you creative?

If yes, pH-tech is your friend to help you. We have experts to train you. We have platform for you to be  self-employed. We don’t make you an employee,we make you  self employed. Join us and boost up your career.

Website Design Training:

Website designing skill is one of the top 5 skills in the world to earn money. Every business enterprise/organizations/ schools/colleges etc. are in need of website. Your skill can be useful for them and yourself. Learn website designing and earn money. We teach you very easy methods to design website.

If you meet following criteria please contact us:

  1. Passionate in the IT field
  2. You want to develop career in the IT field
  3. You have learning attitude
  4. You are confident
  5. You are self motivated
  6. You want to earn money through IT field
  7. Basic knowledge in computer
  8. Very basic understanding of English language
  9. at least SLC or Intermediate pass or above

If you want to earn money by designing website please contact us for training

Android APP Training: