1.) What does the “Aggressive Wi-Fi to Cellular handover” option in Developer Settings do?

  • –  The features is available from Android version 5.0 Wifi to Cellular Handover is a feature in phones that automatically switches to cellular data when you do not have a strong WiFi connection. You would want to enable this for a few reasons:
    • It will save battery – If your phone doesn’t switch to cellular data when it can’t connect to a Wifi connection, your phone will continue to search for WiFi, thus using battery.
    • You won’t have to turn off WiFi when you leave your house or when you don’t have a connection in order to use data.
  • 2.) What are the differences between versions?

    – Sometimes the differences are purely cosmetic; sometimes they can affect your device in more important ways. Below are just a few examples of things that might be different from version to version:

    • Icons, screen layout, and other visual elements
    • New apps or features
    • Changes to existing features
    • “Hidden” improvements that may boost your device’s performance

3.) How secure is Google Drive ?

Google’s privacy policy weighs in at nine pages, and states that Google can collect device, login and location information. If you access Google Drive through Chrome, Google also collects your browser history, plants cookies on your system and records what other applications you’ve been using.

The company will not use any data you mark as private for marketing or promotional purposes, but its terms of service are much more freewheeling: Google can “use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create derivative works … communicate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute [user] content.”

Some Security Highlights

    • – Two-factor authentication is supported

This has become a necessary feature. Passwords are stolen so easily these days that we simply cannot do without this feature anymore. Even if you’re not using Google Drive, this should be enabled on your Google account. Go here to turn it on.

    • – Metadata is also encrypted while stored

Not only your data, but all the information about your data is encrypted as well.

    • – Your data is encrypted when moved internally

In response to the revelation of the NSA spying efforts, Google started encrypting all data in transit on their internal network. This means that your data is encrypted when passing between Google’s own data centers.

    • – Google Drive is not HIPAA compliant

Because Google wants to be able to see everything you upload, they of course cannot claim HIPAA compliance.

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